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Sami Kajtazaj


Sami Kajtazaj was born on August 12,1979. At the age of 15 he started to learn to play the guitar autodidactically. He studied guitar with Prof. Michael Buchrainer in Feldkirch, Austria and finished his studies "with excellent success".
Simultaneously to his studies in guitar, Sami Kajtazaj studied church music with a focus on choir and orchestral conducting in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
Since 2002 the musician has conducted various choirs and orchestral formations.
Sami Kajtazaj wrote his first compositions at the age of 15. His opus includes works of any instrumentation, such as choral, orchestral, chamber music or solo works. In 2007 Sami Kajtazaj began his composition studies with Prof. Herbert Willi in Feldkirch, which he completed with distinction in 2013.

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