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Pecznik, Sebastian


Sebastian Pecznik was born in the city of Buenos Aires in the year 1985. He is an award winning composer, arranger, music producer and guitar player. He has scored music for film, theater, advertising and live shows. Sebastian Pecznik also arranged music for different size of Orchestras, ensembles and groups, among those include the orchestrations for Swedish feature film “Jag älskar Dig” and a special version of “Oh Holly Night” sung by Broadway star Franc D’Ambrosio and choreographed by skating legend olympic champion Brian Boitano. It was played live in 2014/2015 with Sebastian Pecznik on guitar during the “Broadway on Ice” CanCun Mexico Tour.
The albums he produced go from solo classical guitar to tango orchestra and cinematographic music, electronic beats, pop, funk and jazz.
With his fascination for music and electronic Sebastian Pecznik is ready to compose in almost every style.

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