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Zeller, Fabian


Fiery percussive rhythms and sensual worlds of sound become a unique synthesis in the music of guitarist and composer Fabian Zeller, born in 1992. The dynamic, temperamental and yet sensitive character of the German-Portuguese artist is reflected both in refined arrangements and improvisations as well as in his cross-stylistic, original style of playing.
In addition to his continuous concert activities in Germany, he has given guest performances in France, Portugal, Bolivia, Brazil, Turkey and Sri Lanka. On festival stages and concert series he fascinates his audience both solo and with projects such as the Duo Resonado.
Fabian Zeller is as experienced in classical music as he is in pop, world and jazz music. His musical career was shaped by his composition training with Carlo Domeniconi, his studies of the classical guitar with Nora Buschmann and his studies of the popular acoustic guitar with Thomas Fellow, Stefan Bormann and Reentko Dirks.

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