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Georges Englert


pour violoncelle et guitare

2 Spielpartituren
26 Seiten

ISBN: 978-3-7333-0715-8
ISMN: M-2032-1442-7
Art.Nr.: em5215

22,95 EUR
incl. 7 % UST


Catharsis Catharsis


I. Respiration
II. Invitation
III. Exploration
IV. Expiration
V. Libération


Catharsis was created in the frame of a search regarding the effects that music can evoke for the listener in the psychological and physiological fields. This piece proposes a "musical journey", a therapeutic practice that uses music as carrier to stimulate the emergence of unconscious elements that can be used for psychological work. The listener expresses with words the sensations and emotions experienced while listening; these, as well as the physical expressions appearing during the session, are noted by a facilitator.
The session usually begins with a relaxing period that is here carried by the first movement, Respiration. The second movement is an Invitation to enter the process. The third and fourth parts are the core working pieces, an insistent Exploration of deep physical and psychic areas, followed by the Expiration of the emotions generated by awakening of buried sensations. Finally, the tender and soothed atmosphere of Libération concludes the journey in a comfortable and open manner.
If some musical elements implemented in this composition were consciously chosen to be consistent with these intentions, the resulting music is not necessarily limited to music therapy as reflected by the enthusastic welcome at concerts.
Georges Englert

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